Oxalates – very interesting – sharing some links to get you (and me) started thinking

Been learning more about diet (and my goal is to get Tyler to a keto way of eating, even though his diet has improved tremendously but has not been on track to paleo BUT recently learning about OXALATES and really looking to maybe revamp his dietary choices.   Here are some links – just something to expand your thoughts and ideas for your loved one.

I strongly encourage clean eating (though my son is not always the cleanest of eaters) but  I am really intrigued by this and thought I would share

4 Reasons to Avoid Oxalates:  https://realfoodforager.com/oxalate-4-reasons-to-avoid-it/

Low Oxalate Diet, what you need to know: https://www.drugs.com/cg/low-oxalate-diet.html

Beginner’s way to a low oxalate diet: https://blog.theralogix.com/low-oxalate-diet/



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