Understanding & Comprehension

It’s little things that seem so big in our world.  Every milestone, every “aha” moment, every “wow” moment, every “I didn’t realize you understood that” moment is to be celebrated with great joy!  It maybe small and insignificant to others, but when it is impactive and wonderous in your world – recognize it and celebrate it! IMO it’s like scoring a touchdown!  It’s very very exciting!!!!!

Tyler brought to me.
Me: what does this say?
Tyler: two, to & too
Me: tell me about these words
Tyler: two, like the number 2 like Rineas & Edward.
To, like I go to school & too, like Kolby & Anthony go to Verne Cox too.
Me: great job and great using your brain.
Tyler: why thank you mom.
#progressnotperfection #autismdifferentnotless #tylerstime #yleo #puritymatters #cleanerliving #cbd #to #too #two #memberandsponsor2282859 #itdoesmakeadifference TYLER.TWOTOOTO


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