A couple of good links to keep on hand

Went to class 3 of 4 of the self advocacy training  yesterday.

We had 2 topics (these are for Texas) –

1 was guardianships and alternative guardianships – great information and lots of information can be found at http://www.disabilityrightstx.org

the 2nd topic was discussing legislation and for Texas we begin session in January (Texas has sessions every odd year) – this presentation was done by The Arc of Texas.   These organization has local chapters so go to their site and find the ones in your area.  This is a great resource to have with very informative information (above and beyond legislation) FYI they do provide advocate help when needed – but can be difficult at last so if you think you may need an advocate for some reason – contact the sooner than later.  https://www.thearcoftexas.org/


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