A Summer of Firsts – never believed it could happen

A summer full of FIRSTS – and many I never dreamed would happen!!!! All I am seeing is the cleaner I getting Tyler the more progress in many delayed areas he’s making.

1st it’s been 2 years since he was in ESY – simply because we had a bullying situation (with another special needs student) Tyler’s freshman year in high school proved to show that the bully had calmed down and Tyler was handling being in the same environment as the bully so we proceeded again with ESY for socialization and structure.
Next, Tyler attend 3 different local day camps – 1 he attends every year and the other 2 were completely new, with people he didn’t know but at a location he was familiar with.

These camps were small in numbers with great supervision and lots of activities. The other new one was a week long art camp and the other a camp with activities, crafts and a field trip. He participated daily, interacted with the other campers and followed directions from the camp staff (soooooo proud!). I also let him go on both field trips (one to a local water park and one bowling) without me and he did amazing! Also, on Fridays, (when not in camp) he gets the choice of the beach or bowling and this year, every time he chose the beach even being stung on 2 of those trips by a jellyfish.

Then for the first time, Tyler went on a “vacation” – we to a location that had no cell phone service or internet. It was a back to nature and technology disconnect. He did GREAT. We did have a dvd player but that was the only thing that worked on the station. Tyler rode in the vehicle for 6 hours (longest extended ride he’s ever done) enjoyed a campfire, told a campfire story, hiked a large rocky hill, learned to cast a rod and reel, ate camp pies and floated on a river. I had been prepping him prior to us leaving and as always he found “connections” with Thomas. Sir Topham Hat and Tyler were going on vacation, a story from a Thomas book, we stayed in cabin #7, which is the same as Toby (and he took Toby’s picture) he had a campfire like Peppa Pig’s family. He survived without his computer, his tablet and the internet 😊 I did let him take some trains and books. I also took separate hygiene products so he had his “camping” items and his “home” items stayed in place. He was very anxious that his tv, toys and computer were not coming but I assured him they would be there when we got back. He choose to sleep on the couch at the cabin so the DVD player could be on (little things like this I was willing to compromise on since he was away from home). I needed to find ways to allow him to participate in the outdoors and then have time to come in and decompress with somewhat of his routine (after that 5 hour vehicle ride he sat and watched the DVD player for about 2 hours before venturing out the cabin.

This was a year that Tyler wanted to watch fireworks on July 4 (I always let him choose and never force it) and then right before school he walked away with a cavity free dental visit! We continued with speech therapy on the weeks we didn’t have camps.
All in all, Tyler had the busiest summer ever! It was very different from his normal summers and he seemed to enjoy them, wasn’t resistant on attendance and could verbally tell me a little bit about each day.

As long as I kept the calendar up and we discussed things – he made it through and he only asked for his calming oils on the 1st day of the camps (that is only 3x that he asked) MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT.

I am so grateful for the Young Living and non young living regimen I have Tyler on. I firmly believe that the cleaner he the more progress he’s making. Since finding out about the gene mutation and having to change the B vitamin (YL’s B vitamin doesn’t carry the missing ingredient Tyler needs) Tyler is about to “absorb” more of the amazing nutrients in the other YL products. The naturopathic told me to keep the regimen I am using just add this to help his body absorb.

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