WOW – What a deal – now through Midnight Monday (MST) check out the PSK with 2 diffusers and 14 oils. Yesterday I did a video on how to utilize the oils of a starter kit for back to school. (pricing different for today’s special due to an extra diffuser and 2 additional oils) 14 oils, 2 diffusers LESS THAN $200.00 WHAT A BARGAIN! New Enrollees only get this special!
Message me, call me, inbox me for more details.

If you enroll under my member #2282859 with this special and if you are one of the first 2 enrollees I will send you a bonus oil – Citronella (retail value $26.32) additional enrollees I will reimburse $10.00 (as a contribution to your S&H).
You can enroll here: PRODUCT NUMBER 25262
or at – my member and sponsor #2282859 PRODUCT NUMBER 25262

JULY2018RALLEYPSKSPECIALWould love to have you as part of the family. ❤
Great to order and have before school starts in August
Great gift for your college student and their dorm room/apartment
Great birthday gift for July and August birthdays!
Great “Just because I love you” gift for your loved one!


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