Conversation Progress!

I am SOOOO proud of Tyler’s improvments – things just seem to be getting better with the addition of Multigreens to his regimen.
For Tyler – comprehending what he reads and answering who, what, when and why questions are so challenging. I can’t not tell you the hours put in therapy and tutoring and working at home just on these things alone LOL. People don’t understand that Words do not mean communication. Reading does not mean comprehension He is not where he needs to be on these skills BUT……check this out:

Driving to school there is a banner that says Sylvan Beach Day April 28. Tyler reads this banner out loud and then:

Tyler: “what is Sylvan Beach Day?”
Me: “A fund day at Sylvan Beach with a carnival and games, music and things”
Me: “Tyler would you like to go?”
Tyler: “I can’t go”
Me: “Of course you can go, i can take you, do you want to go?”
Tyler: “No, I don’t want to go”
Me: “Why don’t you want to go?”
Tyler: “I don’t want to go because there will be a lot of people and it will be loud”
Me: “Ok then, we don’t have to go and yes, you are right, those type of celebrations are normally loud and have people. I said sometimes we have to go where there are crowds and people and sometimes we can choose not to go.”
Me: “I am so proud of you for telling me “why” you didn’t want to go. If you change your mind, you can tell. If you are scared, it’s ok, I will take you and you can be brave”
Tyler: “I am brave but it will be loud and too many people”
Feeling the anxiety increasing….
Me: “Tyler it’s ok, you don’t have to go”
Tyler: “Thank you mom”
Tyler: “A carnival is like Carnival Capers from Thomas the Tank Engine”
Me: “Yes”. “Tyler do you remember going to the carnival with Ms. Nutt and the students (he refers to kids in class as the students), and we got to go at a time when there was not a lot of people, it wasn’t as noisy but it was fun? Did you have fun?”
Tyler: “Yes, I had fun.”
Me: “Would you want to do that again?”
Tyler: “No I don’t think so”
Me: “That’s ok you tried and that’s what it’s all about, giving it a try!”
Me: “Tyler do you need some oils?” (concerned that the conversation may have elevated his anxiety)
Tyler: “No mom, I feel good”
I can’t describe how excited I am about a conversation, a meaningful, appropriate and accurate conversation. Not sure when it will happen again, but grateful for the progress! Proud he’s learning when he needs calming oils (I am so proud that he doesn’t use them daily any longer!!!!!)
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