The Arc Greater Houston

My take on the information last night from the presentation from The Arc Greater Houston – helping support children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. In a nutshell – but please explore their information and see if anything can help your loved one and your family.

Especially if you have a child nearing the age of 18 or has aged out of the public school environment, please go to their website and and look at their services and register for membership too. You are not giving up hope on their progress when you seek things for your child’s future and their life as an adult.

They are on Facebook and Twitter. They Arc’s are in various cities and they all provide different things so if you aren’t in the Houston area – check your city for your Arc. The Arc Greater Houston works with a couple of programs: Family to Family Network and H.E.A.R.T Program. The AGH offers help and assistance with trained professionals, families and communities.

Here is the Arc of Texas to find an Arc in your area:

As many of you know that are on an MHMRA (I know the name has changed ) waiting list (and she called it something else besides a waiting list) it takes years and years and the wait time being 10 – 15 years a person. Well one thing the AGH does is constantly talk with our legislature about redirecting funds that are used to State Supported Living Centers to these wait list programs allowing the assistance to the families that are caring for their loved ones in their home instead of state facilities. She mentioned that it costs the state $330,000 per person each year in a state supported living center WOW! Many of these residents are there because the family had no support –

Their website is full of information.

Job training is something they work with individuals and families.
They offer things like weekend Respite for those over the age of 21. They offer “vacations” for those over the age 21. There is a cost to the family for some of these things.
They have Saturday fundays for those under 21 and over 21 (chaperoned social gatherings)

IF you have a school aged child and are having difficulties in getting things accomplished they can assign you and Advocate (do not request this at the last minute as they have limited numbers of advocates)

We parents at the meeting did encourage them that we would like to see a branch or group out on the SE side of town with these social events being the Pasadena, DP, Clear Lake, Nasa, etc areas.

They do events too (i.e. Like the Wings of Autism Event helping those on the spectrum when it comes to the airplanes and boarding planes, etc. if families struggle in that area and they need it)

Follow them on FB and visit their website.

They always need Volunteers (if you are over the age of 15) Board Members and Advocates

Check them out!
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