The WOW factor

The WOW factor – the clearer his mind becomes the more surprised I am!!!
Background: Tyler used to eat so much yogurt is was unbelieve. Orange Cream and Key Lime Pie, this was staple in his diet for probably age 5-9/10.
Current: We were at the grocery store yesterday and I had a coupon for some coconut milk yogurt (we are pretty much dairy free in this household) so I picked up some to have in the fridge.   About 2 hours after we were home, Tyler sat down and started “mumbling” and I said “Tyler what are you saying?” He said, “Key Lime Yogurt at Baker Jr. High” I was quite stunned and puzzled – and I thought about it and it had been that long since we bought yogurt because he just all of the sudden stopped eating it. He never verbally expressed a desire to stop, that he didn’t like the taste, it was just always a “no” at the store or it would go bad sitting in the fridge.
I have noticed since adding the multigreens (infused with Melissa Oil), combined with the Mindwise, Ningxia Red, Sulfurzyme, Mineral Essence and SuperB, Thieves oral care, chemical free living in the home that, things I never knew he remembered just comes out now and then. He relates most things to a “school” either his elementary school or junior highs, which is ok, because it gives me a insight to the “time frames” of his memory. I know people on the spectrum have amazing memories, it’s retrieving the information that can be very challenging and retrieving it up demand is more challenging.
I still don’t have the “why” as to why he no longer wanted key lime yogurt, but I was blown away at the fact that he remembered and retrieved this from about 5 years ago.  I can’t get over how these products are changing our lives!   They maybe just “moments” here and there but they are important moments that can lead to more!!!!

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