2017 Improvement were incredible! I never dreamed he would get this far and we are still moving forward!

After a complete FIE – Tyler is all over the charts on developmental levels. So as always I approach things with Tyler on his academic level, his emotional and social level and his biological level – none of which are the same. At 15 he is now at various ranges between a 5-9 year old. Which is massive improvement from age 5 when he was across the board a 20 month old.
I have really been surprised by Tyler the last couple of months. With his communication and regurgitation of information.

I will say it over and over one of the biggest shockers I ever had was that words do not mean communication. Everything did not and has not fell into place with the development and execution of words.

So much “shocking” stuff in the past couple of months that my head races with information each time I want to share, so be bear with me if I go all over the place with excitement.

One thing is Tyler has started asking questions, like frequently. It will be things like:
“what does “shush” mean to you?”
“what is a parachute?”
“What is a paragliders?”

In addition to a few questions each day, he’s noticing more frequently “similarities” – almost every name has an association with something on the Island of Sodor LOL or may have an association with someone else with a name (like I mentioned in my last blog post). He is truly recognizing the “same” but “different” in many things.
His sentence structure is still scrambled at times but is actually using very good complete sentences. Example: “I must get dressed. It is chilly outside so I must put on my jeans, a shirts, socks and shoes.” Look at all those words, combined and used not only accurately but appropriately.

We have worked for years on a calendar and clock (timed scheduling) and he does this very well. In speech therapy we are still working on last week, two weeks ago, next week, etc He has gotten down yesterday and tomorrow fairly well but definitely struggles on the other. The therapist has a great method that seems to be really helping. One step at a time.

He has been more attentive on the “weather” and I am trying to help him to learn to select clothes according the to the predicted weather. He knows a meteorologist is the one who talks about the weather.

If something, like his vitamins aren’t layed out, he will come to me and ask for them. He will ask for dinner to be made and I will normally wait and let him respond with something that he would like to have (he now checks the refrigerator to see what meat I have layed out or the freezer for his pizza, etc)

He can discuss (minimally) events that will be happening during the week.

I’ve noticed that small changes don’t upset him in the manner they used too. (meaning meltdowns are less frequent)

He is beginning to regeritate information that I wasn’t even aware he remember because he never spoke of it. EXAMPLES:

His birthday in the 5th grade was at the Aquarium restaurant and we also got to touch and feed stingrays. He’s never mentioned it even when we drove past it. He received 2 aquarium train cars for Christmas. He said to me, “this is just like the aquarium, with Sister Tori, Ms. Tammy. We touched stingrays” I was in shock, he’s now in the 9th grade this is 4 years later and the 1st time it’s been mentioned.

Coffee is always talked about Mr. Thompson and Baker

Certain t-shirts (normally Disney print) is talked about with his friend Alexandra or his Jr. High Aide Ms. Coffey.

When his sister calls him a goober, he will say, just like Ms. Gifford would say, “Tyler you are a silly goober”

We were picking out a new pair of tennis shoes and he looked at one (he’s previously had before) but it wasn’t his size. I told him we needed to keep looking and he said

“Those are Roadrunner shoes” – at first I couldn’t figure it out, but “Road Runners” is the mascot at the school which he wore those shoes.

It’s these little things I am starting to notice.

He is more willing to “try” a new food and can express that he doesn’t like without spitting it out or screaming and hollering about it.

He can tell me one or two things he did at school instead of just “a good day”. I may have to ask him in more than one ways but he is more responsive.

He is expressing his emotions and physical pain better.

He will respond with “I don’t know why I feel this way” or with “I am getting tired of being patient” “I just don’t know” (major breakthrough responses)

His eyes don’t look as hollow or distant.

We still have a long way to go but so much progress and this year has been amazing.
I am still using various blends of essential oils for “calming” . I use essential oils in diffuser at night to help with relaxation and brain strength. (various oils I use individually or blend: Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Vetivier, German Chamomiille, Sleepyze, Valor, Cedarwood, Lavender)

We have been fluoride free over 3 years using Thieves toothpaste

I don’t allow deodorants with aluminum in them (beginning this year)

Beginning this year I make our own laundry soap using Borax, Soda Wash and Castille Soap (I add EO’s as I want for aroma)

Beginning this year I started making our own hand wash and body soap, using Castille Soap, Jojoba Oil and EO’s (mainly Tea Tree, Orange and Thieves)

From Young Living he takes Ningxia Red (anti-oxidant drink), Mineral Essence (ionic trace minerals), Mindwise (cognitive and heart support) Super B – (multi B vitamin with folate acid not folic acid), Sulfurzyme (for inflammation support and gut health) –

Multigreens – (greens infused with Melissa oil). Probiotics and Fish Oil from (young living when they have them in stock) and additional Tumeric w/black pepper (turmeric is also in Mindwise) additional CoQ10 (this ingredient is also in Mindwise).

Beginning this year, total conversation of household cleaning products, I use Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner for my bathroom, kitchen, floors, etc.

I can’t get over the improvements in Tyler in this year alone.

#progressnotperfection #detoxing #workingonthatgutandbrain #yleo
IMG_3027You may order the Young Living Products here:




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