As a parent/caretaker, I have a YL Journey too 11-11-17

My journey is different than Tyler’s. The supplements I were taking were barely keeping me functioning, but that functioning was better than nothing. I went to the PCP, the Gyno, Endo after a Naturopathic doctor did a BTA testing that has some alarming results and she suggested I go to the doctor to have 3 particular areas looked at. The blood test offered by the medical community provided no real answers and not many solutions. Last resort was going to be sent to a Rheumatologist for 1 of 2 common diagnosis which I knew was not the issue so I refused this. I suggested to my PCP that I needed to do more research and I was going to gear it off the BTA testing that had been done and he was very encouraging. It seems the prescription medication that were being suggested were masking the symptoms but not helping the situation. This went off and on for 2 years trying to find a solution. So back to the internet, back the BTA results and I notice how a friend was talking about how her health had improved with a drink and a few other supplements. I did some research into the drink, the ingredients in the drink, etc. – and thought I would give it a try. I was taking OVER 60 supplements a day 7 days a week (not 60 different ones but 36 + different ones several times a day) and something had to give. Over a period of time, I was able reduce or replace those 31 of those supplements. Today I take 12 different supplements (7 are Young Living products) and I am definitely feeling the results in my overall well-being. This is truly the result of Young Living’s amazing supplement products. Quality of supplements truly matter as much as the supplement itself. Better quality supplements and a reduction of supplements truly help save money too! From 31 different supplements over 60 each day 7 days a week (took various ones 3 times a day that totaled about 60 in a day) to 12 different supplements for a total of about 15 a day 5 days a week (9 in the AM and 6 in the PM) – This is 5 days a week MOST of the time I don’t take the supplements on the weekends and I do not take any prescription medication at this time. Better health one day at a time.
#puritymatters #qualitymatters #yleo #itstartedwithningxiared

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