Catching Up 10-9-17

It has been so long since I have written anything, it seems I get started then life gets in the way. So I am going to try and do a catch up of numerous things.

Ending the Summer and Summer wrap up!

Tyler wrapped the summer spending the day with a classmate and playing with water balloons and swimming, then spent time in his room playing with his trains and watching movies. This is really a big milestone for Tyler. He spent the summer actually socializing with 2 friends off and on – BIG step. Allowing someone in his room, interacting with and sharing his toys and sharing movies was another BIG step. Tyler actually experienced some sadness after his friend went home – and sat on his bed and shed a couple of tears. It was nice to see Tyler express emotions that he really didn’t understand, but he knew he was sad. It was great to see Tyler experiencing new things. Being medication free and on his current protocol/regimen seems to helping him with different experiences in life.
High School Begins –

You blink and your baby just isn’t a baby any more. Tyler started high school and will continue in the Life Skills program now called FOCUS. We met with the teachers and toured the class prior to the start of school. Tyler has been very cooperative and seems to really enjoy going to school and this I give much credit and thanks to his last year teacher who did a lot of prepping on preparing him for a different school, teacher and new classmates. He didn’t seem anxious and I ask each morning if he feels like using his calming oils and some mornings it is a yes and others it is a no. I am glad he’s starting to learn the way he feels and what makes him feel calmer.
Hurricane Harvey Hits

Fortunately we survived Hurricane Harvey without any real damage. It was quite scary and Tyler’s anxiety was a little high during all the tornado warnings and during the times that we had to sit in the bathroom until the warning times had passed. We watched flood waters fill our yard but not come into our home. We watched evacuations for several days. It was a long time that we were unable to get out and about but the introvert in Tyler did just fine until it was time to get back out and to school. He had been “in” his introverted comfort zone, so it took a little shaking to help him back into a routine.

Communication improvements and continued support from Psychiatrist

After adding Young Living’s Multigreens to his regimen/protocol, Tyler is continuing to make progress, some days better than others, some days not so great but it’s not about how fast the progress happens, it is just important that there is progress. His Psychiatrist is still on board and completely supportive of Tyler’s current holistic regimen for managing all the traits that he experiences being on the spectrum. His teachers, tutors and therapist are all finding bits and pieces of progress in areas that were never suppose to have break throughs. We are still very intently working on who, what, when, why and where concepts, on calendar work (last week, this week, next week, two weeks ago, etc.). Answering questions with accuracy, not just appropriateness. Tyler has also been able, with some assistance to verbalize sometimes his reason “why” he doesn’t want to do something.

Confirmation at Church

Tyler was confirmed in church o October 1 and took his first communion that day. It has been a long journey in developing a book and teachings for the church to approve and approve this event. It was difficult but the church modified everything, we did it after the service and not at the alter. God is good all the time. One of Tyler’s classmates attended the event.
Beer Can House Outing

Been working with Tyler’s tutoring on social outings with Tyler and he’s done well. We toured a special beer can house, he was not thrilled and it wasn’t “his cup of tea” BUT he cooperated, he attended, all without a meltdown or behaviors!
So many improvements over the years and so much work ahead. to order any young living products

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