Communication Progress 8-14-17

We had therapy this morning then went to Kohl’s (always best to go on off peak hours) showed him the dressing room and he was able to go in and change clothes, step out to show me, etc. (He even hung things back up on the hangers).
A couple of times I picked out some shirts and he looked at me and said, “I will never wear that shirt” (I about fell out LOL). He picked out 2 shirts at Kohl’s and that was it. We walked all over the clothing section, I was showing him different shirts. Found the size shorts he needed (he tried on and they fit) and picked up a few pair.
Then we had to go by Walmart – and while there, I saw some blue jean shorts – I had him try them on until we found the right size and as I was loading up a couple of those and he said it again “I will never wear that blue jean short” I looked at him and said you’re not gonna wear this? “no mom, I will never wear that blue jean short” Ok then, let’s put it back. He did pick out a “magenta” shirt (his words on the color) and a t-shirt at Wal-mart
I am in SHOCK at that type of communication. So he has his clothes that still fit and that he enjoys wearing about 5 new pairs of shorts and 4 new shirts –
Positive in my AU son – he’s not a fashionista and as long as the clothes fit, he will wear them until they wear out – “sameness” sometimes has it’s benefits LOL.
We get in the car and he says “can we go home now, I want some lunch” – yes we sure will.

I do remember the days of going and buying clothes, bringing them home and trying them on and taking and exchanging as needed. I also know many times he’s just said “yes” to shirts or shorts – I am glad he’s becoming “himself”.

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