Dental visit 7-20-17

Another successful dental visit. For about 2 ½ years we have been monitoring these 3 “stains” on Tyler’s teeth. The dentist does not consider them full blown cavities until they are to a point of needing to be filled. He said again, Tyler is “cavity” free (until they need to be filled) and that the stains have not “grown” or “gotten deeper” This is now the 4th dental visit where Tyler has been fluoride free (2 years) he said his teeth look healthy, he’s doing a good job on his brushing grade and doing a good job all around (especially for being autistic, he knows the struggles). PLUS we made this dental visit using NO calming oils this morning (mom forgot them LOL) and no it hasn’t always been this way. The dentist was thrilled to see he was 1 year medication free. #yleo #flouridefree #detoxbody #thievestoothpaste #thievesmouthwash #medicationfree #autismandteetharedifficult
PICTURE: Tyler getting his teeth cleaned AFTER taking x-rays IMG_0026


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