Wow – can’t believe the changes making in our home – to be chemical free

Slowly detoxing our home. We can’t control the chemicals were are exposed to outside the home but we can control the chemicals we are exposed to in the home.

We’ve been fluoride free going on about 3 years
We drink bottled water
We now use aluminum free deodorants (ask me about YL toothpaste options vs actual deodorant sticks)
For Tyler I get him the Tea Tree bar soap from YL
I also make soap mixture for body/hand using Castille Soap, Veg Glycerin, Jojoba or Vita E oil, organic honey and Essential Oils
I also started making laundry soap & add Essential Oils to the water
No dryer sheets – seldom have “major” static issue (I can use aluminum foil balls to prevent static)
Completely off prescription medication (which was daily)
Rarely use OTC medication
No candles
Diffuse for health and aroma

Also monitor our food intake and try to reduce the amount of chemicals from food (not a food Nazi even though I should be LOL)


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