Beach day with classmate 6-16-17

Milestone progress. Awesome social outing today with one of Tyler’s classmates. They were both happy the other was there but autism struggles with actual interaction, After a couple of hours the boys started interacting. They wore themselves out and had a great time. I enjoyed my visit with his mother.  I never dreamed I would see a day like this. It’s a beginning step in a new direction.

Then check out the WORDS (yes still 3rd person some of the time) not bad for a non verbal child 9 years ago.    Still in speech therapy – still a ways to go.

Thank you #YLEO #therapies #teachers #paras #friendsonthespectrum #spectrumparents #nevergiveuphope  #mindwise #mineralessence #ningxiared #sulfurzyme #superB #oilerforlife

#progressnotperfection #yleo #liveoola #socialoutingsuccess


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