October 27, 2016

Gonna give another shout out to Manimal and his continued progress. Ms. Nutt was telling me that he’s very aware of his surrounding. We all know that spectrum children are very visual and see more than we realize, but he’s been EXPRESSING his awareness which is a huge progress step. He’s been relating what someone maybe wearing, an accessory, etc with another person. He told one of the paras when she had her sunglasses on her head that it was just like Cathy Bryan (little did I know he paid attention to where I place my sunglasses LOL) and a few other examples. Tuesday while we were waiting for the speech therapist, The Lion King was on the TV and he told me, that’s the Lion King, just like on “A”IMG_6689‘s shirt. I was very impressed and we even told the therapist that his friend  “A” had a Lion King shirt. The ability to verbally relate and express his awareness, even in the smallest of things is a huge step for him. Is this an all the time expression, no, but once it happens, you know you are on the right step for it to happen again in the future. Thank you YLEO for being a contributing factor in helping Manimal’s progress with a more natural approach to the various things related to AU/SPD.
Items used to help with Brain Health, Cognitive Function: Ningxia Red, Mindwise and Mineral Essence

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