June 6, 2013

I have spent over a year so focused on working on Tyler’s behaviors (and that will never stop) that I have not devoted as much time as I would like to his academics. Thank goodness he’s blessed with intelligence like his sister, Victoria Jayne Bryan.  His work his modified and is adjusted for his at pace level and learning – for the 4th 9 weeks he had LS Math – 99, LS Language Arts 92, LS Social Studies 100 and LS Science 98 – which brought him for an end of year average – LS Math 99, LS Language Arts 89, LS Social Studies 100 and LS Science 99.  –

I am against STAAR testing and if Tyler was mainstreamed I would opt him out – I didn’t like TAKS or TAAS when Tori was in school and had I been aware I could’ve opted her out I would – I do not believe you test ANY PERSON’S true knowledge on a standard test – I think you hinder the learning of ANY child when you streamline the way and what they have to learn, with that said, for grins I allowed Tyler to STAAR test – in a modified and alternate version – as I am curious in the NT world where he may be in academics since I have in behavior mode for over a year – and the short version of the results is this – (again modified- as readiness alternate & he has support in this testing) – Reading – level of complexity 2  – which is the moderate level he achieved 74 points out of 84 points, Writing, level of complexity 2 (alternate & with support) 77 points out of 84 points and Math – (alternate & with support) – 2 of the tasks were at level of complexity of 3 and the other two at level of complexity of 2 – 80 points out of 84 points.

Overall all progress in BEHAVIOR and academics this year amazing and I thank God for it all. Without his guidance, his grace, his mercy, and his undying love, this would not be possible.  Today and I always I am grateful that you, Heavenly Father, believe in me, when I would’ve never believed this possible from myself, thank you for giving the gift of an AU child.


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