We are officially on a medication vacation WOO HOO (prayerfully it will extend past the summer) and he’s swallowing capsules (trace minerals) and when needed a gluten enzyme. Tyler’s progress is just amazing me each day, I just can’t get over the changes! Today I got in from the grocery store and i had bought a door knob to replace on his door and before I had all the groceries inside, he had opened the box and pulled off the old knob and put in the new (mind you the guts didn’t need to be removed. After he was done, all I had to do was put in the screws LOL (I probably would’ve needed to use the instructions to made it as far as he did 😉 ) I’ve added to more oils to his roller bottle mixture, so now it’s Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Lavendar and Cedarwood. Of course, a flouride free toothpaste – for over a year, and in addition to his vitamin regiment, 3 drops of Thieves oils in his liquid vitamin mixture for immune boosting, a table spoon of Mindwise (brain health, cognitive health and heart health) and 1 capsule of Trace Minerals (over all health, focus and well being, which the recommended amount would be about 5 – but we will work up to that) and still taking 5mg of melatonin at night. Doctor said, if necessary I could increase to 7mg of melatonin, right now I will stick to 5mg and calming oils. This is addition to a somewhat restrictive diet of GF/CF, yeast free, HFCS free, processed and artificial sugar free. (Mind you I tried to adhere to that as much as possible, but there are a few things that I give in on, which makes those consumed ingredients in small amounts, not regular staples and not always daily) I don’t seek a cure for a non illness, but what i do seek is improvement and lifetime maintenance and I am so grateful that about a year and a half ago, God directed me to go talk to D.P. about the YLEO products and further, God’s guidance and patience on trying and incorporating products, on me, Tyler and Tori. Patience is the key. BTW my beautiful aunt say the oils in action the other day. When we went to her house, Tyler had 0 oils on that day and his was a little “elevated and acting out on his OCD tendacies. I whipped out the bottle of Cedarwood oil I had and rubbed it on his wrists” about 20 minutes later he was laying behind my back, eyes closed (shutting down) he did this for about 30 minutes, then sat up in a calm manner and interacted in the visit. She said, I can see what you strongly believe in using the oils!


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