From March 26, 2012

I watch him wake, I watch him sleep, I watch him play and I watch him eat. His progress has been amazing and as great as it can be, he’s still a child with Autism and each day baffles me.  I don’t know what the future holds for him, but as long as I breathe, I will make it my goal to create the best “him” that he can be.  I’ve given up so much and would do it again just so you have can have your dietary foods, minerals and vitamins.  Research, research and research some more, prayers, meditations, trial, errors, and praying more.  Sleepness nights and never ending days, repetition, repetition, repetition each day.   Awesome days and meltdowns too, it’s all part of what makes you the unique you.   Trips to the therapists working with special staff, all contributing to your new open path. With each improvement a victory to be had, knowing at any time around the corner, regression could be bad.   I walk with God more and more each day and pray to be guided to help you along the way.  The Word is the Word and there is no other truth, I must strive to be obedient so his blessings continue to shine through.  I have nothing left to give except my heart’s desire, my love and devotion to lift you higher.  God doesn’t make mistakes, this I know to be true and I pray for  his mercy and grace so I will be allowed to continue to help, care and fight for you.    I may be a single mom parenting you on my own, but that’s only what society sees because with God in our lives we are never alone.  Some people see things, that I can’t see, some say them with meaning and some don’t understand a thing.  You’re a wingless wonder this I know to be true, because I walk closer to God all because of you!.  This is what life is, this is normal to me, and unless God moves for a change this is how it shall be. Society sucks, people are cruel, morals are gone, and entitlement rules.  I chuckle at times and find it hard to believe I want to bring you from your world into this society. 


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