December 22, 2016

Used to be I was very strict on Tyler’s diet, with a few bend the restrictions here and there. But Tyler still used chemical toothpaste, mouthwash, consumed almost daily OTC allergy medications, Cold medications, etc. For about a year now, I have REDUCED AND/OR ELIMINATED these type of products on a daily basis.
Tyler has over the years, made wonderful improvements in many areas simply with dietary restrictions so I decided to step out and take the journey a little further! This is when I decided, after trying it for me for a while, to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements into Tyler’s regiment and the results have been unbelievable!
Had Tyler’s annual check up with this PCP yesterday. They were THRILLED to know that Tyler has been medication free for 6 months now and that the Psychiatrist at our visit in November did NOT write another prescription for Abilify! (His PCP does not like that prescription drug for many reasons but understood why it was prescribed). For about 4 years now, Tyler was taking abilify for anxiety and impulsive behaviors many times aggressive. Tyler, for about 12 years has taken daily (per doctor’s suggestion for allergy prevention or reduction of severity) Claritin and alternating with Zyrtec. As of June he’s not taken Claritin or Zyrtec daily. One day in August the allergy overload was so severe that I gave him 1 dose of Claritin, other than that I’ve been using a regimen below. I am not anti-medication but the fewer the chemicals the better, in our situation.
Trying to remove as many “chemicals” from Tyler’s system and it’s a slow process doing it one area at a time.
Both the PCP & Psychiatrist have a hard copy of this CURRENT regiment in his folder and both are supportive of my request to continue all medication vacations. I told them that I am aware that every holistic journey is individualized and is tweaked along with way, just like prescription medications and if there are any massive changes to the regiment I will send them updated information or wait until our next visit.
MORNING – for immune building, cognitive health, system detox, allergies, focus, calm and non impulsive behaviors and sensory issues
2oz of Ningxia Red, 1 tbs of Mindwise (Brain health and cognitive health), 1 capsule which is 1 – ½ dropper of Mineral Essence, 2 Sulfurzyme Capsules, 1 packet of CVS Pharmacy’s Vitamin C immune Support and other vitamins, 1000mg calcium, 2 Animal Parade Greenz vitamins.
I make one capsule consisting of the following essential oils: for immune: 3 drops Thieves, 3 drops Frankincense, for detox 2 drops Thyme (or Juvaflex) and then for antihistamine for allergies (stop with the OTC allergy meds in June): 3 drops Lemon, 3 drops lavender, 1 drop peppermint, 3 drops Copabia.
DAILY IN THE MORNING AND AS NEEDED THROUGHOUT THE DAY FOR CALMING, ANXIETY AND IMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS. I blend the following oils (10 drop of each) into a roller bottle and roll generously on his wrists, upper arm and bend of elbow: Stress Away, Peace and Calming, Cedar Wood, Lavendar and GeneYus. If I am out of GeneYus, and I have Brain Power, I will rub Brain Power on the back of his neck. The roller bottle lasts a couple of weeks before I refill depending on the amount I roll on him. (this is best if done on the bottom of feet, but Tyler is too ticklish and so I use his wrist)
NIGHT – for calm and steady sleep, sensory issues cognitive health:
2 Sulfurzyme capsules, 1- 250mg of Magnesium, 2 Probiotics, 1 – 5mg of Melatonin and a few drops of Gentle Baby rubbed on his wrist and 1tsp of Carlson’s Fish Oil high grade
Uses YL Thieves Toothpaste and Mouthwash or Tom’s of Maine (whichever I have available) to reduce chemical consumption
The Ningxia Red, Mindwise, Mineral Essence, Sulfurzyme, and Fish Oil combinations, in addition to other things are targets toward Neurological health including cognitive and brain health, memory, immune, inflammation and sensory issues.
To the best I can dietary restrictions: Gluten free, casein free, high fructose corn syrup free (this stuff is horrible for the brain), process sugar free (or at least minimal). I currently have food goals to reduce carbs and fruity sugars for Tyler, and would like to completely eliminate artificial sugar or continue to reduce the amount consumed.
People will first tell me, I don’t have the $. Well I didn’t think I would have the money either – but I joined YLEO to receive product at a 24% discount and then I joined the ER program, because certain products I used monthly (supplement – specifically the Ningxia Red – is what I run out of quicker) therefore I put this on an automatic shipment and I earn points that I turn around and you to apply to the purchases of the other oils and products I use. Since the oils are pure, I need very little of them, and we go through them a little faster, because I have a personal regiment as well, which I will share later. So, his regiment is like my light bill or my water, bill, etc – it comes before everything else.
People tell me, I don’t have the time to do all that. Time, well there again, I make time. I had an NT daughter and she about ran me ragged with all her school and extracurriculars, getting up making lunches, etc. If Tyler was NT and had to be at sport or academics practice at 630 a.m., I would get up early, make his breakfast and have him at practice, so for me, it’s not about having the time, it’s about making the time. 10 minute or so, to make 2 capsules, pour 2 ounces of red in the morning, and lay out other vitamins, while I am making his breakfast and lunch, isn’t so significant that it changes your entire day. The same at night – a couple of hours before bed, it takes 5 minutes to give him all his night regiment. Again it SOUNDS time consuming but it’s not. Further, you have read, research and try and see what works for you – that can be time consuming, but I used to say – I will turn off the tv for 30 minutes while I focus on reading this, that, etc. again, which I’ve done and do.
Tyler’s improvements this past year since fully incorporating this stronger regiment
1) His verbal skills have massively improved
2) Cognitive and comprehension skills are improving
3) Sensory related issues are improving
4) Independence and critical thinking are improving
5) Weight loss has improved
6) People interaction has improved
7) Peer interaction is improving
8) Overcoming anxiety and fears of trying things is improving
Preparing for ARD and transition into High School Life Skills, – Academically – Tyler is at a 3rd grade level (with assistance) in reading and comprehension, a 1st grade level independently. Math is pretty close to the same levels. We will be working on continued academics, life skills and job training skills. We will be discussing a certification for completion of high school, not a diploma. Tyler’s social skills are about the same level, so people see a 14 year old boy but Tyler’s biological age and developmental age are several years apart. I manage Tyler on his developmental age for many things and his biological age for others. Tyler will continue speech therapy (outside of school) and tutoring for comprehension and application skills.
Tyler will continue his Young living regiment and it will be modified as needed – Young Living has helped provide a healthier approach to managing the “traits” that are common with the AU Spectrum and Tyler’s diagnosis. No prescription or holistic journey is a one-size fits all – and it takes time and constant tweaking to find what is helping support the traits. I personally address the “traits” that Tyler is associated with – Sensory issues, OCD tendencies, ADD tendencies, in the Spectrum many kiddos are dual, tripled and quadrupled diagnosed but his psychiatrist and I discussed at great length one time, many times a spectrum child/adult has these “traits” but not the full diagnosis. We actually pulled some of Tyler’s diagnosis and have it down to Autism/SPD – Tyler has these traits but not these full blown diagnosis of OCD and ADD. I tend to focusing on managing behaviors (behavior does not always mean aggressive or bad, it can also mean social issues, non compliant behaviors, in appropriate behaviors, etc). I also will continue not to constantly force Tyler into a socially acceptable world and force him into what I felt and dreamed for him. We do live in a society where life can be functionable and enjoyable even if it’s outside of the society accepted norm and it’s that life where I have found Tyler to be the happiest and most thriving. It’s not going to be the social butterfly life my daughter leads but it will be a life where he can be happy and improve with progress for happiness and independence and supervised living. I never give up hope, that one day it will all click and Tyler won’t need me or any supervision, but hope stays in my heart and in the back of my mind, the realist in me, prepares him for what I see he’s capable of today, and in my future. I am raising a child to be a permanent adult in my home.
I have to thank D.P. for taking the time with me two years ago to sit with me about YLEO (the approach was initially for my own health) and as we discussed things, and I began to research I took a leap of faith and added Tyler to my journey (I have always been a guinea pig when it comes to things for Tyler) and I thank God I have, it, for now, has been a great improvement for him. Is this the answer to it all, no I doubt it, but it is the answer and a great managing system for now. I am so grateful to God that Tyler has had great teachers and paras at LPISD – the Autism team has been amazing (I am not overly thrilled with the top administrators of the SPED dept, but the hands on team, teachers and paras I am pleased with and they are the daily impactors in Tyler’s education) He’s had great OT and Speech therapist at school (he no longer receives these services at school) his OT therapist at TCH was amazing, and he met all his goals about a year and ½ ago with her and so he’s temporarily no longer in OT and his Speech therapists at TCH have been incredible. As of Tuesday, we are in speech therapy limbo as we wait to be assigned a new therapist and time schedule, since his current therapist had to resign due to personal health issues which is forcing her to return to her home state. Tyler’s tutor that we have is hard core and Tyler (though he doesn’t like to go LOL) loves this person and works very very very hard for her and oozes great results! Tyler is participating in practices (though not all events) and interacting with the special olympics team mates much better this year and we will continue to do that as well. Tyler’s golf lessons are on hold until March (weather related) and his interaction with the Golf coach improves with each lesson. The coach and I discussed goals for Tyler – that hopefully we will begin to journey around the driving range (3-holes) at least once a month during the lessons.
I see many people with children Tyler’s age and it is impactive as to how far developmentally & socially Tyler is behind but then I look at Tyler and realize how far he’s come in the years since his diagnosed 9 years ago. Tyler at age 5 was non-verbal, unpotty trained (that took 4 ½ years in itself), 0 comprehension skills, complete detachment from things, 0 independence, aggressive reactions to sensory overload and inability to communicate, etc. Once I learned of the diagnosis and became and information hound on the diagnosis, things began to make sense and I knew everything had to take a completely different approach. The spectrum is so broad from low functioning, to high function and to all those in between. Tyler is in between and was on the lower end of the spectrum slowly moving to the middle and maybe someday will be at the higher end. I can’t forget that I manage and help Tyler in different areas, developmentally and biologically and they are not anywhere near one another LOL.
I will continue to work with a more holistic approach and I do believe in many other holistic management plans but those aren’t affordable to me, but I am grateful to those families that they are affordable to as to be able to help their loved ones. Almost all holistic approaches boil down to dietary restrictions and chemical free living and detoxing a toxic system.
I am Living with an attitude of gratitude. Tyler is “classic” autism. He’s already accomplished things that were never to be achieved and I have no doubt that his future holds many more accomplishment and YLEO is definitely going to be a part of this journey!

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