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I love to share about Young Living products and how they’ve helped me and my son both.  I share memes from other oilers and I don’t edit their memes.   If you are interested in placing an order send me a message to Cathy at and I will let you know how to place the order.

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My son has improved in many areas since I have began a YL regimen with him. I use certain oils as “calmers” I diffuse to help strengthen the immune system and help with sleep. I have him using a variety of supplements from YL to help with immune, sensory, cognitive and communication issues.

FYI – If you choose to enroll in YL with a PREMIUM starter kit, I will reimburse you your standard shipping and handling for your kit.  Email me for information.  After you enroll, email me with your information and I can also let you know how you can receive an additional 10% (only on premium starter kit purchases) off your standard kit price.

***I want to give a thank you to all that purchase product from my membership number or sign up for your 24% discounted product under my membership number.  You help me provide for my son and I am grateful for that.

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In a more natural approach EVERYONE is different and you will have to take the time to learn your body and that of your loved ones. It is an individual journey. There are various opinions, reports from professional or experts and then those individual users (pregnancy safety, and babies/children safety topical dilution ratios, aromatic ratios, ingestion of essential oils).

I share from my personal experience, my health and my family’s health.
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